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Wireless Camera Solutions

Mobile Devices as Cameras

Through the Remote Truck application or other third-party apps, your mobile device can become a camera that is usable within Production Truck.

Mobile Devices as Remote Cameras

  • By downloading the Remote Truck application, downloading the app and logging in, your phone becomes discoverable on Production Truck. It can be brought in as a camera source within Production Truck. You can also use the NDI Camera App to bring in your mobile device as a camera source within Production Truck. The connection requires that both the computer running Production Truck and the mobile device are on the same wireless network.

Transmitters and Receivers

Simply put, a transmitter sends the video feed wirelessly, and a receiver brings it in. These transmitters and receivers communicate on their own protocol, so they don't use additional network bandwidth. Attach these to cameras and then the hub device to your computer. The camera could then wirelessly transmit a signal to your computer to bring into Production Truck or similar streaming software.

Cinegear Wireless Video Transmission

  • We have experience with the 600M Cinegears specifically, the only difference being the range they are recommended for. We ran into some issues involving the connection going out, due to the volume of fans and specifically when changing the battery. After speaking with Cinegears Support Staff, we were recommended the 1000M model, but have yet to test it specifically.

SlingStudio Production Kit

  • The SlingStudio setup is a pretty sleek one. It has a receiver for the camera and a hub that brings in the video. The problem? There is a noticeable delay with any video outputted from the Hub into Production Truck. This can lead to audio sync issues unless you run your audio directly into the Sling hub. The other hurdle is that if you have multiple Sling CamLinks, the switching can only be done in SlingStudio, we only receive the program output from the Hub.
  • Broadcasts can be directly streamed from the SlingStudio to our streaming service or brought into Production Truck.

JVC Cameras with Wireless Capabilities

  • JVC Cameras with wireless capabilities can be brought into Production Truck as a camera source or can be directly streamed from to vCloud. For example, the JVC GY-HM250 model has this capability. JVC sells and we would recommend JVC Hawking Wi-Fi Network Adapter, to attach to the camera for the best connection possible. For more information on how to set up the JVC wireless capabilities for us in Production Truck or direct streaming to vCloud, please view JVC Wireless Camera Setup
  • Broadcasts can be directly streamed from these wireless cameras or brought into Production Truck.

Streaming Hubs
Streaming hubs allow you to stream wireless either through a direct connection to a camera or via a dedicated network. These are great solutions in order to reduce your reliance on a venue's internet connection. Additionally, they offer portability and reduce the number of cables needed to stream effectively. Due to their nature, you cannot use Production Truck in conjunction with these devices.

LiveU Solo

  • The LiveU Solo encoder devices allow you to wirelessly stream directly to our vCloud streaming service. It connects to a camera directly and streams via its dedicated technology that ensures quality streaming.

Stationary Cameras

Stationary cameras are cameras that are installed at the venue and cannot be moved. They often operate constantly and can be brought into Production Truck via a network connection. They can then be used as a camera source within Production Truck. Depending on the camera type, you may be able to stream directly from the camera itself directly to our vCloud streaming service.

Axis Network Cameras

  • Axis cameras are what we have utilized in the past to install stationary cameras that function at venues for consistent coverage. These can be then brought into Production Truck and usable as a camera source. Additionally, we specifically recommend the Fixed Dome Cameras, and the PTZ Cameras. We will note that the PTZ element on those cameras, would need to be controlled outside of Production Truck at this time. With these cameras specifically, we would recommend reaching out to us if you plan on purchasing a specific model to ensure it is compatible with our system.