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Equipment FAQ

Do you have any wireless camera recommendations?

We would recommend using our Hudl Focus cameras as a wireless camera solution. These cameras can be set up to stream directly to Hudl TV for an automated solution or can be brought into Production Truck to add further production value.

Other solutions for your exact desired broadcasting setup are likely compatible with Production Truck, but we do not have specific recommendations.

We're going to be broadcasting from a venue that does not have a sufficient network, do you have any recommendations for a solution?

Your broadcasting setup must meet our network requirements to ensure your livestream is smooth and a pleasant experience for your fans.

Some Hudl customers have had positive experiences with the LiveU Solo encoder that allows streaming by combining multiple available Wifi and cellular networks to create a strong network connection.

We already have a camera at our venue from a third party, can we use that in Production Truck?

Most likely! These cameras can often be brought into Production Truck via a network connection. As long as the camera is able to provide an RTMP feed, that camera can be pulled into Production Truck via the network devices menu, please see our tutorial.

Depending on the camera type, you may be able to stream directly from the camera itself directly to our Hudl TV streaming service.

Are there differences between Production Truck on a Mac and Windows computer?

Yes, there are differences between the two software versions. The Mac version of Production Truck is our recommended version and provides additional features not available in the Windows version.

For a breakdown of those features, please see the Production Truck product page.

What equipment do I need to add commentary to our Hudl Focus livestream?

If you have an Outdoor Focus camera, there is a 3.5mm audio jack at the back of the camera. By connecting an audio device to that input, you can add audio commentary over your Hudl Focus livestream.

For the Indoor Focus or Focus Flex camera, Production Truck would need to be used in order to provide commentary.

We already have equipment we use to livestream, do we need to purchase anything else or use Production Truck?

No, if you are already using some sort of equipment to livestream, you can most likely livestream to Hudl TV with your existing setup. Our platform is able to provide RTMP information that you can copy and paste into your existing setup to stream to our platform. RTMP is common across most livestreaming software, hardware, and platforms, so it's likely supported by your existing equipment. We would recommend verifying that your existing equipment supports RTMP streaming.

Each livestream on the Hudl TV platform provides RTMP information, please see our tutorial on RTMP streaming.

Does Hudl sell any livestreaming equipment directly?

Hudl sells the Hudl Focus cameras which are capable of livestreaming to Hudl TV directly or can be pulled into Production Truck. Hudl also provides multiple software solutions such as Production Truck and Remote Truck for livestream from a computer or iOS device.

We do not directly sell livestreaming equipment, outside of the above-outlined options, and only provide recommendations.

Can a GoPro be used with Production Truck?

Yes, a GoPro will act like any other camera, it can be brought into Production Truck over a hardwired HDMI connection. If your GoPro does not have an HDMI port, please check with GoPro on the recommended equipment to allow that connection, if possible.

A GoPro cannot be brought into Production Truck wirelessly.