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Box Truck Installation

Box Truck provides the ability to automate broadcasts with BlueFrame Technology live-streaming. Take a HUDL Camera and automatically stream to BlueFrame Technology without bringing it into Production Truck software!

Some Network Updates for Box Truck:

Box Truck Network Requirements:

1.) LAN (Local Area Network): Box Truck has an ethernet port that is configured to use DCHP. This means Box Truck does not need to be in close physical proximity of the camera but must be located on the same NETWORK and SUBNET of the camera.

2.) Box Truck —> Camera: Box Truck pulls an RTMP or RTSP video stream from the camera over the local network usually on PORT 1935 PORT 80 & PORT 22. We also recommend at least 10 MBPS of upload speed on your local network throughput to consistently stream live video

3.) It is highly recommended that an IP Reservation for the camera be made.

4.) Box Truck needs to connect to so we require that be accessible via the public network connection through ports 53 and 443. Upswift is used to monitor the health of the Box Truck and update the Box Truck software. The Static IPs of JFrogs domains are "", "", and "".

5.) Box Truck to vCloud: Box Truck requires HTTPS access to the BlueFrame Technology CMS on port 443

6.) Box Truck to BFMS: Box Truck Requires RTMP Access to BFMS, The BlueFrame Technology media server, on port 1935. BlueFrame Technology also recommends at least 10 MBPS of upload speed to the public internet and network for constant video live streaming. (URL: *

7.) BlueFrame Technology --> Registry: We need to be able to allow and have traffic on your Network allowed to connect to on port 5000. (IP Address: &