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Pulling a Pixellot Camera into Production Truck

You can pull in a Pixellot camera to Production Truck via an RTSP pull, as long as the camera and the computer running Production Truck are on the same network. You will need the RTSP of the camera provided by Pixellot.

Ensure the computer running Production Truck and the Pixellot camera are on the same network.

  1. To add a Pixellot camera, navigate to the Network Devices menu which can be found within the Production Truck Preferences menu. This menu is found next to the Audio/Video section.

  2. To add a Network Device use the '+' icon on the top left of the Device menu.

  3. Enter in the following information and select Add:

    • Device Group - Network (Manual Entry)
    • Device Type - Generic IP Device
    • URI - RTSP Address Provided by Pixellot will be in the following format: rtsp://IP Address:7791
    • Protocol - From URI

    Example Pixellot RTSP URL: rtsp://IP Address:7791

  4. You will then go into the Production Truck Audio/Video tab, and select the RTSP you just entered in as the Source option for one of the cameras.

  5. You will then see the feed from your Pixellot camera on Production Truck.

    It will operate as any other camera, where overlays can be applied or other functions can be done.


When I try to connect my Pixellot camera, I receive an error message, like connection timeout.

This means that the Pixellot camera and Production Truck are unable to communicate. Ensure that they are on the same internet network and that the technical requirements for both Production Truck and the Pixellot camera are met.

We would also recommend having an I.T. professional go through the network, and specifically, ping the camera from the computer running Production Truck. If you can ping your camera, it’s online, on the network, and attempting to communicate—but something’s preventing it from communicating. Look for traffic coming from it. Can you see anything being blocked? Pixellot may have more information as to the exact ports or technical requirements needed.