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Hotkeys can be utilized to map certain functions in Production Truck to specific keys. There is a default mapping, a mapping for specific sports, and custom mapping.

The Mac version of Production Truck can only utilize the function keys due to accessibility issues.

The Elgato Streamdeck can be used in conjunction with Production Truck and any function that can be bound to a hotkey can be used on the Streamdeck.

  1. Hotkeys are found within Production Truck by selecting the gear icon in the center and opening up the Preferences menu. Then navigate to the HotKeys tab.

  2. By selecting the Mapping dropdown, you can see our mappings for each specific sport. These are often for cutting and scoring purposes.

  3. In order to create a custom mapping, select the New option below the Mapping dropdown. You can then assign a custom function to each of the keys.

    You can rename this particular mapping and then select Save.

Mac System Functions

On MacOS by default, some function keys may already have shortcuts assigned to them by your Mac. Disable these to use specific keys related to this.

  1. Find these settings in Mac's System Preferences. Navigate to Keyboard>Shortcuts. For example, by default under the Mission Control area, F11 is tied to showing your desktop, you would need to disable this to use that function with Production Truck.