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Wrestling Overlays

Wrestling graphics are a bit different than other graphics in the way that they function, due to the way that wrestling is scored and tracked.

  1. Download the following three Overlays; Wrestling Control Panel, Wrestling Scoreboard - Flat Design, and a General Team Control Panel.

  2. Download two Team Control Panels for the two teams participating. the Wrestling Control Panel will grab from both.

  3. Enter players' information in the Team Control Panels using the "+" icon. Only the players' last name and first initial will populate the scoreboard.

    A player must have a first and last name entered in for it to populate properly.

  4. Use the "Edit Team" button at the top, to customize the teams' information as well. Ensure that one Team Control Panel is for the Home team, and the other is for the Away team and these are labeled correctly, by toggling the "Home" or "Away" buttons.

    Ensure to select the "Star All" button at the top to ensure that the players populate the Wrestling Control Panel. Select "Apply" and repeat these steps for the other team.

  5. Navigate to the Wrestling Control Panel>Match tab, then press the "+". Grab the two players who will be competing against one another, Select two players and label their weight class. Click Save.

  6. Navigate back to the "Game" tab on the right-hand side. The weight match-up just created will be populated under the "Weight" option.

  7. Put the Wrestling Scoreboard into the Overlay preview section to see the players and weight class populate the scoreboard.