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Save and Share Overlays

If you have made customization changes to overlays or are trying to customize an overlay before game time, you can save your overlay and have access to it later with all the changes in place.


Saving Overlays

  1. If customization changes have been made to overlays they can be saved and accessed later with all the changes in place.

    A new window opens and gives options to name the graphic and give it a description. It will be placed into whichever Section the graphic was originally placed.

  2. Choose Save as New at the bottom if this is a new graphic. If altering a custom graphic already made, select Overwrite for those changes to take effect.

    The graphic is now ready to use. If you close that custom graphic, you can find it again in the Open tab of the Overlay Manager Window.

  3. Access the filter option and select User to ONLY see your saved graphics.

Accessing Overlays on a Computer

Production Truck saves overlays at the user level so overlays can be accessed from any computer. This is great to customize overlays prior to a broadcast from another location or away from the computer used to stream.

  1. To access saved overlays, navigate to the Overlay Manager Window and to the Download tab. Download the overlay to the Production Truck on this computer, and it will appear in the open tab ready to be used

Sharing Overlays

You must share the same customer as the other site/school you wish to share overlays with.

Once an overlay has been shared, changes made are not applied to those they have been shared with. If changes need to be made, save and share the overlay again.

  1. Log in to vCloud to manage your account. Navigate over to the Produce area and down to Overlays.

  2. A list of all the overlays associated with the account can be seen with the most recent at the top. This includes overlays available to all users. Find saved overlays by looking by date. Each custom overlay saved will indicate that only the user can use it under the Access column.

    In order to share the overlay, click on the Edit, pencil icon.

    Navigate up into the upper right and from the dropdown and change the ownership

  3. To share with another specific site select the Only Certain Sites have Access option. To share an organization select the Only Certain Customers have Access option. Then type in the name of the site or customer and select it from the dropdown. When finished, click Save as New.

    Confirmation that the overlay has been shared successfully will be sent.

  4. Navigate back to the Manage Overlays menu to see that overlay has been shared with the customer.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team here.