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Picture in Picture with Score Banners

Utilize Production Truck's Picture-in-Picture feature to set up a camera with a look at the local scoreboard clock.

  1. Open the score banner overlay and have the preview window on the right.

  2. Go to the Score Banner Tab on the left side and scroll to PIP Clock. This is underneath "Left Color & Logo" and "Right Color and Logo"

  3. Click on the dropdown option where it currently says none. Choose the camera source that is displaying the clock from your scoreboard.

  4. Click Select Source's Region. This will open the Picture-in-Picture settings window.

  5. Adjust the crop of the image and click Done.

  6. Click the square box to the right of the Select Source's Region button. An "eye" icon will appear. The score banner preview adjusts to display where the PIP will display.

  7. Click Overlay to insert the overlay into the program screen. The clock should now appear in the overlay.

    The Picture-in-Picture video source will not appear in the Overlay preview window in the lower right, it will only appear on the program feed in the upper right.