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Overlays FAQ

Can we upload our own custom overlays?

The overlays in Production Truck act as templates that allow you to upload your own information, such as your organization's; colors, logos, record, roster, etc. We recommend you input your information into our overlays. It is not currently possible to upload your own custom overlays.

Can we automate score updates?

Yes, we have integrations with some scoring systems, that allow you to automate the updating of your overlays as your venue inputs score values into their scoreboard controller. For more information, please see our tutorials.

Are there any integrations with NCAA LiveStats or similar data softwares?

At this time, there are no integrations for pulling data from NCAA LiveStats or similar softwares. Overlays can be updated manually or automated through our scoring solution options.

What sports are there supported overlays for?

When opening up the Overlay menu, you can filter by section. The sports that appear here will have official overlays available for them. Some sports will have more overlay options available than others, this is based on demand for which overlays are most used.

If you'd like to make a request for a particular sport or overlay to be added, please reach out to our Support team.

Can we share overlays with other schools?

Colleges are able to share overlays with other members of their conference, please see our tutorial here.

High Schools are not able to share overlays with other schools.

Can we display score updates from other schools?

Our Ticker overlay can be used to manually input scores from other organizations and have them appear as moving text on the bottom of your livestream. This overlay can also pull in an RSS feed if you have one available that contains score updates. Please check out our tutorial on the Ticker overlay here.

How do I add our team's information?

To input your team information, we recommend using our Team Control Panel overlay for each team that will be playing. This overlay allows you to add custom elements such as; team name, team logo, record, roster, etc. Your sport-specific overlays, such as your sport-specific control panel, will then pull from this Team Control Panel information and display it on your overlays.

For more information on the Team Control Panel overlay, please see our tutorial here.

Can we display a sponsor's logo as an overlay?

Yes, you will just need a .png or .jpg file provided by the sponsor. We would then recommend pulling that image into our Image Overlay Queue to display it on the livestream. This allows images to be displayed as watermarks or elsewhere on your livestream.

Additionally, if you have multiple sponsors, that overlay will automatically cycle through those different sponsors' logos. For more information on the Image Overlay Queue, please see our tutorial here.