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Image Overlay Queue

Image Overlay Queue

Our latest overlay update is packed with features to enhance broadcasts. The Image Overlay Queue allows you to rotate between images automatically by a set number of seconds. This overlay will also allow you to resize and reposition your image, as well as change the opacity.

  1. To utilize this graphic, download it in the overlay management window. Click on the blue plus + sign in the bottom left quadrant of Production Truck.

  2. In this overlay management window, click the Download tab to the right of Open at the top. Choose Image Overlay Queue. Click Download. A notification in the Open tab will appear.

  3. Drag and drop this overlay from the left side to the right like you would with any visual overlay.

  4. To add an image, click the grey plus + sign in the center. Choose a file image, as well as change the opacity before clicking Apply.

    Change in opacity will only appear in the right-hand preview window.

  5. After adding an image, click on the image to select it. The image will highlight in blue when selected. Click Position to modify the position of the image. Select Watermark to position the image in any corner of the screen. Keep Custom Position selected and move the slider bars to reposition/resize the image. Click Apply after making changes to the position.

  6. To add another image, click the grey plus + sign again. Create a playlist with two or more images uploaded to the queue and adjust the number of seconds each image shows. Clicking the play arrow will start the rotation of images. For example: By selecting three seconds, the images in the queue will rotate every three seconds, clicking the pause button stops this feature.

    This playlist feature is also a great option for displaying sponsors’ logos or ads during a timeout or halftime using the fullscreen positioning option.

  7. Click Overlay above the bottom right preview section to display the overlay to your viewers. Click Clear to clear any unlocked overlays from the video stream.