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Keeping Production Truck up-to-date is essential to maintain access to the latest Production Truck features.

Depending on your operating system, you may not be able to access the latest version of Production Truck.

Updating Production Truck

If an update is available, you'll be prompted to download the update after logging in.

  1. To manually check for an update, click Check for Update on the main login page.

    For Mac users, check for an update from the MacOS toolbar.

    For Windows users, check for an update from the Option menu > Check for Updates.

  2. Click Install Update to begin updating Production Truck.

  3. Relaunch Production Truck after the update was installed.

Checking Version Number of Production Truck

If encountering issues with Production Truck, you may need to provide the version number of Production Truck you are operating on.

  1. Once in Production Truck, navigate to the taskbar at the top of the MacOS. Select Production Truck and choose About Production Truck

  2. The version number can be found in the center of the pop-up.

Update Error

You may receive an error when attempting to update Production Truck. This typically occurs if you have recently downloaded Production Truck and it's remained in the downloads folder.

  1. Drag and drop Production Truck into Applications folder. Close Production Truck and reopen to properly update.