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Volleymetrics Camera in Production Truck

Make sure your computer running Production Truck is on the same network as your Volleymetrics camera.

Verify Livestreaming is setup on the Volleymetrics Camera

  1. Open VLC Media Player on your computer.

    If you do not already have VLC Media Player on your computer, click here to download it.

  2. Press Ctrl + N to open up network options.

  3. Enter rtsp://username:password@ipaddress:554/axis-media/media.amp where the camera’s name, password, and ip address is. Click Open.

    Enter your camera's internal IP address to live stream, as opposed to the external IP address you use to record through the Volleymetrics portal.

  4. Click Play. Ensure that the live-stream is coming through.

Connect the camera to Production Truck

  1. The Network Devices menu can be found within the Production Truck Preferences menu. Select the Plus icon.

  2. Enter the necessary information.

    • Device Group: Network (Manual Entry)
    • Device Type: Generic IP Address
    • Name: Your Preference
    • URI: Everything after the @ symbol from the URL link entered into VLC.
    • Protocol: RTSP
    • Port: None
    • User: From the URL
    • Password: From the URL

    The above image is just an example, the exact information will depend on your camera's setup.

  3. Select Add

  4. Navigate to your Video/Audio settings and select your Volleymetrics camera.

  5. You can now use your Volleymetrics camera as a camera source in Production Truck!

    Due to this being a network camera, there may be a noticeable delay between the video feed and live action. If using other camera sources, use our video delay feature to match them up.