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Stream to an RTMP Endpoint

If utilizing the Production Truck application, but attempting to send this signal to another streaming service provider, use what is referred to as RTMP information in order to send the stream.

Contact your streaming service provider in order to obtain the information necessary to complete these steps.

  1. Within Production Truck, select Preferences. Navigate to the Service tab located on the far left. Change the Streaming Service option to "Generic (RTMP/UDP/SRT)" or "Stretch Internet" using the pull-down menu.

  2. Click Create Broadcast.

  3. Fill in the form.

    Description: Title of the broadcast. This serves as a display name within Production Truck.

    The key pieces of data are the "Host URL" and "Stream Name" fields. These two pieces of data will be provided by the streaming provider.

    Some service providers may call these by different names, i.e. Stream URL, URL, Stream Name, Stream Key, etc...

  4. Copy and paste these into the respective fields. Below is an example of what these pieces of data may look like. Some streaming service providers require a username and password in order to send them a signal.

    Host URL: rtmp:// or rtmp://

    Stream Name: zWaE-A1R7E-TyEmRnRaIpBwLqE

    Contact your Stream Service provider for your RTMP Endpoint Information.

    Note: The "Username" and "Password" fields are only required if your streaming service requires Authorization. Most streaming services do not require entry in these fields.

  5. Once you have those two pieces of information inputted, click Save.

Pro Tip: Depending on the stream service provider, the same "Host URL" and "Stream Name" for every broadcast may be used. In this case, choose the 'Keep' option when you stop a broadcast to save the endpoint in the broadcast list.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team here.