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Pull a live streaming broadcast from either another Production Truck produced broadcast or another live stream that is capable of producing an RTMP pull point.

If using another service, it must be capable of producing an RTMP pull point for Production Truck to grab from. This is different than the service-producing an RTMP endpoint or other classification.

RTMP Pulls are only currently available on the Pro version of Production Truck.

Production Truck Broadcast

Pull a live streaming broadcast into Production Truck to be used in a second broadcast using RTMP. For a video walkthrough of this visit our Youtube Channel.

  1. Create two broadcasts. These broadcasts must either be your own or have permission and help must be granted from the owner of the other broadcast.

  2. For this explanation our broadcasts will be titled:

    Broadcast A: (The main broadcast that will pull in Broadcast B)

    Broadcast B: (Secondary broadcast being used as a camera)

  3. Go to

  4. Go to edit Broadcast B and find the Syndication section. Click on RTMP Pull Endpoint and an orange cancel button will appear. Click Save.

  5. Go Live with Broadcast B.

    At the top of the page, scroll back down to the Syndication section. Copy the RTMP address. Plug this URL into Production Truck.

  6. Make sure that Broadcast B is already streaming. This is very important because if you try and pull the RTMP URL before Broadcast B is live it will break the connection and that URL won't work again.

    There is a limit of one connection to a pull endpoint at a time. If you attempt to do a pull and it fails, we would recommend updating the broadcast for another RTMP pull.

  7. To find RTMP information to plug into Production Truck, go back to Media > Broadcast Grid. On the broadcast grid, you should see your broadcast listed with some icons to the far right side of the broadcast. To find the RTMP information, click on the "i" icon, which will take you to the Broadcast Details page. Click Syndication and you will see the RTMP Pull Information.

  8. If Broadcast B is live go to Production Truck where Broadcast A will be streaming.

    Open the Network Devices section in the Preferences window. Click the '+' button to add a Network (Manual Entry) device group and Generic IP Device. In the URI field paste the RTMP Pull Endpoint address from Broadcast A.

  9. When the connection is made the broadcast appears in the camera preview window and a message box will appear in the preference window stating if it was successful or if it encountered an error.

    When the broadcast is appearing in Production Truck go live or use it for clip capturing within replay.

Generic RTMP Pull

  1. Within Production Truck, navigate to Preferences, the gear icon in the center, and then select Devices.

  2. Select the plus icon in the upper right-hand corner. Ensure that the Device Group is Network (Manual Entry) and the Device Type is Generic IP Device.

  3. Enter the RTMP pull point that the service you are grabbing from generated.

    Select Add

  4. A usable source within Production Truck was added.

    In the Preferences menu, navigate to Audio/Video.

    One of the camera options should show that stream as a Source option.