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Recording to File

Production Truck can be utilized in an offline capacity to record broadcasts locally to a computer. Recorded broadcasts can then be converted from the default .FLV file to a .mp4 file for general use. See our other tutorial on converting an .FLV file to .mp4.

  1. If connected to the internet and already logged into Production Truck, navigate to the Preferences menu (the gear icon in the center of Production Truck,) then navigate over to the Service>Streaming Service>Record to File.

    If you login to Production Truck while not connected to the internet, you will start in Offline mode.

  2. Create a Broadcast. Name the broadcast and the quality you want for the recording. Additionally, the File Directory option will be where the broadcast recording file is placed. It is recommended to keep it in the Offline Folder of Production Truck.

    By default, Production Truck records files in .FLV format to save storage space. To convert the file into a .mp4, scroll down.

  3. Click the Record button in the upper right-hand corner of Production Truck. When done recording, click Record again and stop the recording. The recording will be located in the Offline folder of the Production Truck folder on your computer.