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Manage Your Library

Manage Your Library (Desktop)

Hover over any video in your library for management options.

1. Edit Details
Name your video and decide where it will live in your library. Select Game Footage, Practice, or Opponent Scout for video type, and link it to a schedule entry. Add labels to one or more videos at once to organize your library however you'd like.

2. Download Now
Select one or multiple videos to save to your computer's Downloads folder. This is only available on more recent videos—if you don't see this option, select Email Download Link.

3. Email Download Link
Send a download link to the email address associated with your Hudl account. Forward that email to anyone who may need the video.

4. Send to Assist
Send one or multiple games to Hudl Assist to have our analysts break it down.

5. Share
Choose who needs to see your video and share up to five videos or playlists simultaneously. Include a message to provide more detail for your team members.

6. Upload XML
This option is to upload and sync data with your video. Available with Gold package or higher.

7. Delete all XML (Stats)
This will only appear if XML data has already been uploaded.

8. View Reports
See that particular game's stats and reports.

9. Delete
Permanently delete your videos—use extreme caution.

Manage Your Library (iOS)

Tap the action menu to the right of each item in your library to expand further options.

Edit Details

Name your video and choose where it should live in your library.


Choose who needs to see your video and documents. Include a message to give more details to your team members.