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Move Athletes Between Teams

No need to enter an athlete's information more than once. Quickly add an athlete from one team to another within your organization.

  1. Log in to, then hover over the team name in the top left. From the drop-down, select the team with the athletes you'd like add to another team.

  2. Hover over Team and select Manage Team.

  3. Check the box next to the athlete(s) that need added to another team.

  4. Click + Add to Another Team.

  5. Click the drop-down to choose the correct team.

    Athletes can only be added to teams of the same gender and within the same organization.

  6. Select Add Members.

    If the athletes you updated no longer play on the team you moved them from, make sure to remove their access to that team by following these steps.

  7. A confirmation box will appear in the bottom right. Click the team name to see your updated roster.