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Shared Session

Coaches have the ability to host a shared session video review with their team. Follow the steps below to host a shared session or join a shared session. This feature is currently in beta. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to learn how we can help teams collaborate when they cannot be together.

Hudl shared sessions do not include audio. You must log into a conference software such as Zoom for voice communication.

Host a Shared Session

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com and click Video.

  2. Select the game video or playlists that you'd like to host for your shared session.

    Any video or playlist must be shared with members of your team who wish to join as a viewer prior to starting the shared session.

    Ensure videos or playlists have been shared with the right team members by following these steps.

  3. To Start, click Host Shared Session

    The host and participants must be on a computer as the feature is not currently available within the Hudl App.

  4. Copy the session link and send to athletes or other coaches you wish to join in. When ready, select Start Session.

    Copying a shared session link into a Zoom chat window will cut off the trailing ​“equals” character, resulting in an invalid video link for your team.

    We recommend using another messaging service (Hudl messages, email, etc.) to send this link, or instruct participants to navigate to the video or playlist the shared session is being hosted on. Opening the video or playlist from the Library will provide the participant with an option to join the session in progress.

  5. Use the timeline below to scroll through the video as desired.

    Limited playback functionality includes play, pause, skip forward or back 5 seconds and seek with mouse clicks. Currently, no drawing tools or effects are available to create during the session. Any drawings, notes or effects that were created on the original video will be present.

  6. When done, select Shared Session.

  7. Confirm by selecting End Session.

Join a Shared Session

  1. Once a coach has started a shared session, select Join Shared Session.

  2. When the session is over, select Leave Shared Session.