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Segmenting Video

This is only available for non-Assist and practice video.

  1. To change the grid into Manage Clip Mode select Manage Clips.

  2. You can now determine how you would like to segment your video by the following rules.

    • Clips - the number of segments your video will be split into
    • Seconds - length of clip in seconds
    • Minutes - length of clip in minutes
  3. For this example, we will have our video segmented every 5 Minutes.

  4. Next, select Create Clips.

  5. You will see a confirmation banner that says our video has been split into 9 clips.

  6. Another way to segment your video is manually through the playback bar. Once you are in the Manage Clips grid mode, select Split to create a new clip at this time stamp.

  7. You will now see a confirmation banner that will tell you where the clip was split.

  8. To merge multiple clips together, select the clips you would like to merge. Then, select Merge Clips.

  9. Once you are done editing your clips, select Done to return to the default grid mode where you can edit and analyze your data.