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Playback Controls

New Hudl is the future of Hudl, and we're just getting started. As we continue to release new features and improvements throughout the 2022-23 season, we'd appreciate your feedback along the way.

  1. On the bottom left corner of your screen, you'll find your video playback controls.

    Playback Controls & Shortcuts

    • Fast Rewind (hold A)
    • Slow Rewind (hold S)
    • Play/Pause (tap Space)
    • Slow Forward (hold D)
    • Fast Forward (hold F)
    • Forward 5s (tap V)
    • Rewind 5s (tap Z)
  2. The Effects Icon on the bottom right corner will allow you to show or hide the Effects Toolbar.

  3. The Playback Icon will allow you to adjust your playback settings so that you can loop that clip, play all clips.

  4. The Audio Icon will allow you to adjust the volume when watching film.

  5. The Settings Icon will allow you to change the speed your video plays.

  6. The Fullscreen Icon will allow you to enter and exit fullscreen.