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Livestream Games with Periscope

For any Periscope account relat­ed issues please con­tact Periscope sup­port.

We rec­om­mend record­ing the game with your usu­al record­ing work­flow in addi­tion to any livestream­ing service you might use.


Game Time

  1. Login to the Periscope app and open the broadcast preview.
  2. Type a description of your video.
    • i.e. Team Name vs. Opponent Name - (10/11/20)
  3. Select who you want to share your broadcast with.
  4. Select your location, chat, and sharing preferences using the icons above the Go LIVE button.
    • Tap the compass icon to turn on location sharing.
    • Tap the chat bubble icon to turn on limited chat.
  5. Tap Go LIVE to start your broadcast.
  6. To end your broadcast, swipe the screen down and tap Stop Broadcast.


  1. To download your own stream, open the Analytics dashboard on the periscope website.
  2. Hover over the video entry you'd like to download and click the blue icon to request the file.
  3. Select the green icon to then download the file.
  4. Once the video has downloaded from Periscope, upload it to Hudl by following these steps.