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Volleyball | Required Recording Workflow

Check out these recording requirements and tips to make sure you get the best video for your team and for Hudl Assist.

The Right Equipment

  • Invest in up-to-date equipment like a high definition (HD) camera or newer iPad for reliable recording and high-quality video.
  • Use a tripod so you have a stable, smooth stream when recording and reviewing video. No one wants to watch an entire match of shaky video.

How to Record

  • Record in high-definition.
  • Capture the entire court.
  • Keep things in focus. It’s hard to tag what you can’t see.
  • Record with audio, if possible.
  • Hold the iPad in landscape mode for best results.

What to Record

  • Capture the entire court.
  • Record the scoreboard often and always at the end of every set.
  • Capture as many referee signals as possible.
  • Make sure jersey numbers are visible.
  • Only pause at timeouts or between sets. Even if there is a call in question, keep recording so you can catch the outcome.

Where to Record From

  • Set up your device behind the end line or on the sideline, capturing both sides of the court.
  • Record from a vantage point that shows all players on the court.
  • Limit potential obstructions to the camera: fans, equipment, etc.

Tips for Recording with an iPad

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Hudl app.
  • Check the iPad for software updates.
  • Clean up the storage on your iPad to make room for your game. (6-8 GBs of free storage)

Reasons your Game Might be Rejected by Assist

  • If you submit a scrimmage that does not follow normal game rules.
  • The video is out of order.
  • The zoom of the video prevents us from seeing the whole court.
  • The game is filmed from a bad angle.
  • There is something in the way of the camera.
  • There are multiple games in one event.
  • Only one side of the court is showing.
  • Team submits a match with only one set without leaving a note that they only have one set.

Example | Accepted Angle

Example | Rejected Angle

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