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Export Stats to MaxPreps

This feature is available for varsity basketball, volleyball and lacrosse.

  1. Log in to and click Video.

  2. Hover over the video with the stats you want to export and click Details.

  3. If your library is in list view, find the video with the stats you want to export, click the action menu and select Details.

  4. Click View Box Score.

  5. Click Export for MaxPreps. The file will automatically download to your Downloads folder.

  6. Hover over Schedule and select Games

  7. Click Enter Score

    If score is already in, click the pencil icon and select Enter Stats

  8. Enter the scores of each set or quarter and then click Save & Import Stats.

  9. Click Choose File, then select the file you exported from Hudl (from your Downloads folder)

    Users may have to change the title of the .txt file to stats.txt or stat.txt in order for the file to upload.

  10. Click Import.


Do my stats automatically upload to MaxPreps?

No. Follow the steps in the tutorial above to export your game stats to MaxPreps.

How do I get my Hudl team linked with my MaxPreps account?

Contact our Support team to get your Hudl and Maxpreps accounts linked!

Can I export my JV stats to MaxPreps?

Exporting stats to Maxpreps is only available for Varsity level teams.

Why can’t I export my soccer stats to MaxPreps?

This fea­ture is currently avail­able for var­si­ty bas­ket­ball, vol­ley­ball and lacrosse.

I don’t think my account is linked to the right MaxPreps team. What should I do?

Contact our Support team to have us take a look and ensure your team is linked correctly.

Why are my Hudl highlights transferring over to MaxPreps?

Your team's Hudl highlights will be shared to MaxPreps unless you turn your highlight privacy settings on.

One of my games is not linking to MaxPreps. What should I do?

Make sure that the correct opponent is added to your schedule. If you manually entered the opponent or mistakenly selected their JV team, it will not link to MaxPreps. If you think that you selected the correct team and it still won’t link, reach out to Support and we can investigate further.

I've entered my schedule on Hudl, but the events aren't going over to my MaxPreps account. Why is that?

The schedule link is only a one-way import from MaxPreps to Hudl. You'll want to enter your schedule on MaxPreps, and then we can pull it into your Hudl account.

Why isn't the date or time change I made to my Hudl schedule also updating the schedule on MaxPreps?

Updates to the schedule on Hudl do not sync over to MaxPreps. In this case, you'll want to manually make the edit on both Hudl and MaxPreps.