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Ice Hockey | Tag Video after the Game

Why not save time and let us do the work for you? Check out Hudl Assist for ice hockey.

  1. Log in to your Hudl account and click Video.

  2. Select the game you'd like to tag.

  3. Click Tags, then click Tag Manually.

  4. Use the drop-down options to select jersey colors for both teams.

  5. Fill out the rest of the tagging Options on the right side.

  6. These can be changed later, even as you tag. Just click Options.

  7. Add your starters, select the opponent's lineup and click Start Tagging.

  8. If you choose to track player stats, you can tag an athlete from the current lineup for every attempted shot. All attempts will also include a shot location to complete a shot chart once you're done tagging.

  9. On made shots, the option to tag an assist will also appear.

  10. Click Stats to view updated team stats as you tag.

  11. Click Resume Tagging when you are finished viewing stats.

  12. Click Save & Exit and Finish Later to pause tagging.

  13. When tagging is complete, select The Game is Over.