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Hudl Bluetooth Remote FAQ

Only Hudl Bluetooth Remotes work with New Hudl. Any non-Hudl remote is not compatible with New Hudl.

On which devices can I use my remote?

Most PC computers, Mac computers, iOS devices and Android devices are compatible with the Bluetooth remote.

Which version of the Hudl Remote software do I need?

Bluetooth remotes do not require any additional software.

Where are the remote drivers located?

Bluetooth remotes do not require drivers.

Does the remote need batteries?

No, the remote will be shipped with a Micro USB charging cord.

How can I get my remote in pairing mode?

The remote will automatically be in pairing mode as long as it’s on and not connected to another device.

  • Disconnect the remote when you're done using it, that way it's ready to go for next time.
  • To manually unpair from all devices hold TAG and FULL for 10 seconds.

How do I know the remote is connected?

If the remote is not connected, a red light will blink anytime a button is pressed.

What if my computer doesn’t have Bluetooth?

You have two options:

  1. Connect the remote to the computer with the Micro USB charging cord.
  2. Purchase a Bluetooth adaptor for your computer.

Will the remote work with Hudl Presentations?

Yes, Hudl remotes now work with presentations.

Presentations are only available for Gold and Platinum users on the Hudl Classic platform.