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Manually Load AVCHD Files

Manually Load AVCHD Files (Windows)

  1. Plug your camera into the computer.

  2. Click on the camera shown on your desktop. Depending on the device type, this may be labeled Canon, Sony, Nikon, Removable, etc.

  3. Double-click PRIVATE to open.

  4. Double-click AVCHD.

  5. Double-click BDMV.

  6. Double-click STREAM.

  7. Select of all the files by holding down CTRL + A. Right-click the files and select Copy Items.

    To select all files in the folder, hit CTRL + A on your keyboard. To select multiple files, but not the entire folder, click the first file, press and hold the Shift key, then click the last file.

  8. On your desktop, right-click and select New Folder and type in the name of the folder.

  9. Open the folder and right-click to Paste files into your new folder.

  10. Upload your files using the web uploader.

Manually Load AVCHD Files (Mac)

  1. Plug your camera in to the computer and open the Finder.

  2. Select your camera from the device options.

    The name will depend on the device type; Canon, Sony, Niko, Removable, etc.

  3. Double-click PRIVATE.

  4. Right-click AVCHD and select Show Package Contents.

  5. Right-click BDMV and select Show Package Contents.

  6. Double-click STREAM.

  7. Copy all files with the extension .MTS and paste them to a separate folder on the computer desktop.

    To create a folder, right-click anywhere on your desktop and select New Folder.

  8. Follow these steps to upload your files to Hudl.