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Fix Streaming Kit Firmware Failures

These steps are for manually fixing firmware failures with Hudl Sideline. Only use them when Hudl Support has instructed you to do so.

  1. Download this firmware file. This file is designed to work once sent to the Streaming Kit. You will not be able to open it on your computer.

  2. Plug the streaming kit into an outlet using the provided charger located underneath the plastic board in your kit. Leave it plugged in throughout this entire time.

  3. Turn the streaming kit off.

  4. On the back of the streaming kit, press and hold the reset button with a paper clip or similar item.

  5. While holding the reset button, turn the streaming kit on.

  6. Continue to hold the reset button until you see the "Teradek Recovery Mode" on the screen.

  7. On your computer, click the Wi-Fi icon, then connect to the TeraRecovery network. This network is coming from the streaming kit.

  8. Open a web browser and type in the IP address displayed on the streaming kit.

  9. Select Choose File. Upload the file that was downloaded from Step 1. It will be titled Teradek_VidiU_firmware_v2.4.4r27063 (1).bin.

  10. Click Restore. This will take anywhere from 2-5 minutes to complete.

    The h.264 light on your streaming kit will blink throughout this process.

  11. Click Reboot.

    Do not navigate away from the page during this.

  12. Move the Menu button to the right until you see Broadcast Settings.

  13. Move the Menu button down until you see Network Settings, then push it to select.

  14. Push the Menu button to select Wired.

  15. Push the Menu button to select Manual next to Mode.

  16. Change the settings from DHCP to Manual or Static.

  17. Use the cursor and numbers below to update the IP address. Be sure to check whether you're fixing the End Zone or Press Box streaming kit and match the IP address accordingly.

    End Zone Streaming Kit =

    Press Box Streaming Kit =

  18. Check that Netmask is set to If it isn't, change it accordingly.

  19. Check that Gateway is set to If it isn't, update it accordingly.

  20. Select OK.

    Nameserver does not need changed.

  21. Select OK again.

    Domain does not need changed.

  22. Turn your streaming kit off, the back on. Then reconnect the streaming kit to Hudl Sideline and reboot the entire Sideline kit.