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Pay and View Invoices

To prevent an account from being placed on hold, ensure payment is received prior to the contract expiration date.

Pay invoices without a login or from your Hudl account

Follow the instructions below to pay with a credit card or mail a check to:

29775 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1775

Pay Invoices without a Login

  1. Go to

  2. Enter the Invoice Number and Invoice Balance.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Choose pay full amount or pay a portion and click Continue.

  5. Enter your card information.

  6. Click Submit Payment.

  7. If you have another invoice, click Pay Another Invoice.

Pay Invoices from Your Hudl Account

  1. Log in to, hover over your name and select Billing & Orders.

  2. Click View to see, print or email an invoice.

  3. Or click Pay Now next to the invoice you'd like to pay by credit card.

  4. Enter your card information.

  5. Click Submit Payment.

    A receipt will be sent to the email address you use to log in.

  6. You can also click Orders to view the status of a Hudl Sideline package, Hudl remote or mobile analysis kit.


We didn’t know our bill was due, and now our account is on hold. Help!

No sweat! You can submit a purchase order to extend your access 30 days while payment processes on your end.

Why is my account on hold?

Your Hudl account will go on hold if your invoice is outstanding. You can view the status of your invoice on the billing and orders page.

Why is there tax included in our total? We are a tax exempt organization?

We may need an updated tax exempt form. This can be emailed to Once we have the updated form, we’ll generate a new invoice excluding tax.

We need the invoice created date changed on our invoice How do we go about that?

Our billing team can update the invoice created date upon request. Contact us at to request this date be updated.

I’m not sure when our invoice is due. How can I find out?

If you are a team admin, you can view all invoices on the billing and orders page. Our Support team can also provide invoices if necessary, contact us at to request an invoice.

Have you received my payment?

If your invoice is still under the unpaid section of the billing and orders page in your account, we have not received your payment. Please reach out to your bookkeeper to find out the check number, the date the check was sent, and to confirm the address it was sent to. Then, please reach out to our Support team for further assistance.

Can I check the status of a check we sent in the mail?

Yes! While we can’t necessarily track where it’s at in the mail, we can see if we’ve received it yet or not. Email with the check number and amount, we’ll take care of the rest. Please allow 7-10 business days for your check to arrive via mail and be applied.

I need to make a change to my invoice.

No problem! Please contact us at with your request(s). Be sure to include the invoice number in your email! Then, our team will handle it from there.

I think we sent our check to the wrong address. What should we do?

If your check was sent to the wrong address, we recommend placing a stop payment on the check and sending a new one out.

For questions about Hudl Shop orders, visit this page.