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Submit a Purchase Order

  1. Acquire a PDF or JPG of your purchase order.

    Please send the actual purchase order and not just the purchase order number. If you do not have a digital version or paper version to upload, take a picture of the purchase order and upload and send that picture.

  2. Double check that the purchase order includes:

    • Name and address of your organization
    • Date issued
    • A signature
    • Purchase order number
    • The invoice number(s) we should apply it towards
  3. Email the file as an attachment to

  4. Our finance team will then extend the account for 30 days.

    The purchase order only extends the account for 30 days. Payment must be sent following the purchase order to ensure the account stays active.


What does a purchase order do?

A purchase order extends account access an additional 30 days for you to maintain access to your Hudl subscription.

How long will it take for Hudl to apply the purchase order?

Please give our team 24-hours of receiving the signed and dated PO for it to be applied to your invoice.

What all needs to be included on the purchase order?

Make sure it includes the name and address of your organization, date issued, a signature, purchase order number, and that it references the invoice number(s) we should apply it towards.

What if I only have a hard copy of the purchase order?

You can take a pic­ture of the PO with your phone, then email the pho­to as an attach­ment. Or, fax it to us at (866) 851-7148.

What types of subscriptions can a purchase order extend?

Purchase orders can extend all Hudl subscriptions.