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Share Video from Manage Library Page

This workflow is also available in the new Hudl for Football, click here to see the steps.

Share Video with Your Team

  1. Log in to, then hover over Video and select Manage Library.

  2. Select the playlist(s) you want to share.

  3. Click Share under Actions.

  4. Drag and drop or use the arrows to move the person or group to the column on the right.

    Toggle Yes or No to Include Notes.

  5. Click Share.

Unshare Video from Your Team

  1. Select the playlist(s) you want to unshare.

  2. Click Unshare under Actions.

  3. Click the box next to the user(s) you would like to unshare this video with. Once you have clicked the box, the user will not have a blue checkmark next to their name.

  4. Click Save Changes to finish unsharing this video.