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Create a Practice Script

Want to create practice scripts even more efficiently? Check out these keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Log in to, hover over Play Tools and select Practice Scripts.

  2. Click Create a New Practice Script.

  3. Select Create a Blank Script or Create a Magic Script.

  4. Give the practice script a title and click Create this Practice Script.

  5. Click Show Playlists to add clips directly from the scout video in your library.

  6. Select the game then choose the specific clips.

    Hudl will automatically transfer the breakdown information and pull previously saved templates.

  7. Click the camera icon to preview the clip.

  8. To add a play without video, click the plus sign. Enter the column information associated with the play.

  9. To copy an existing play, hover your mouse over it and click the copy icon.

    This is a great way to flip the offense and defense on an existing play, or to tweak the defense for a different play.

  10. To edit the columns displayed on your script, click the wrench icon.

  11. Add columns using the drop down, or delete columns by hovering over the column name and clicking the trash can icon. Click Save Columns when you're done.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • The first search result in the dropdown will be auto selected:
    • Hit enter to choose the selected template and move to the next row.
    • Hit tab to choose the selected template and move to the next column.
  • If no results are returned:
    • Hit enter to save the text that has been entered and move to the next row.
    • Hit tab to save the results entered and move to the next column.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate the list of search results in the dropdown.
  • Exit the search results dropdown by hitting esc or clicking out of the drop down.