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Edit Video Clips

  1. Select the 3 dots on the right side of the playlist.

  2. From this drop-down menu, select Edit.

  3. Use the following tools to edit clips:

    • Split Clips: Add pause at the location you want to split.
    • Trim Clips: In order to trim a clip you first have to split the clip.
      • First, play the video to the location of where you want to trim it. Add pause at the location you want to split.
      • Delete the unwanted clip, that you intended to trim off. Make sure you click on the split clip that you want to delete before you remove it.
      • If you need to trim the ending of the clip, repeat these steps.
    • Delete Clips: Play the clip, then click the trash can icon or Delete located below the video.
    • Combine Clips: Select the clip then click combine above or combine below located below the video.
    • Undo Edit: Click Undo below the video to undo the previous change. This will undo the last step you made, nothing else prior to that.
  4. Lastly, click Save to save your changes within the Online Video Editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

When would I edit my video clips?

After you have intercut multiple angles of film, you may need to edit your clips to make sure they are aligned. You can also edit clips to split up a long practice recording to divide your film into individual practice

If I delete an individual clip, can it be restored?

No, once you delete an individual clip and save your changes, we are unable to restore that video.