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Delete a Video

When you delete video, the video will be permanently removed from your library. Playlists and highlights originally created from the video will remain intact.

Want to clear some storage hours, but keep your video? Download a playlist and save it to your computer.

  1. From your library, select the 3 dots on the playlist. Then select Delete.

  2. You will now see that this playlist has been deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

I deleted the wrong video, how long do I have to restore it?

All deleted videos can be restored within 180 days. After that, they are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

I deleted a schedule entry and confirmed it would delete any videos associated with that event but want to restore those videos. Is this possible?

If you have deleted a schedule entry, please contact our Support team with the name of the schedule entry that was deleted, and the time it was deleted.