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Share an Athlete's Profile with a Recruiter

Share an athlete's profile directly through Hudl with a college recruiter. Recruiters will receive an email with a link to the athlete's profile. They’ll have access to recruiting-specific content, including games, academic and contact information.

  1. Login to, hover over Recruiting and click Sharing.

  2. On the Sharing Page, use the drop down to select an athlete you'd like to share with a recruiter.

    The Sharing Page will show you all team history of athletes profiles that have been shared with recruiters.

  3. Enter the email address of the recruiter you'd like to share this athletes recruiting profile with, then add a message and click Share.

    Recruiting profiles can only be shared to .edu or .ca email addresses.

  4. The athlete's 'Shared With' history will update automatically.

  5. An email will be sent to the recruiter with a link to the athlete profile. Recruiters are required to log in or create a free account in order to protect any private information on the athlete profile.

  6. You can see a summary of all shares that you or your athletes have sent on the "All Team" Sharing page.


Every time I watch a highlight, an ad plays at the beginning. How can I stop ads from playing?

The simplest way to prevent ads from playing when watching highlights is to log in to your Hudl account.