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Coaches Guide to Recruiting

Ready to help your athletes play at the next level? Included at no additional cost in every Hudl subscription is an expanded athlete recruiting profile. Every athlete can now power up their player profile with contact information, academic and athletic stats, highlights, and full game videos to get noticed by recruiters. connects these athlete profiles and their video to college coaches and recruiters.

Ready to learn more? Check out our College Recruiting Guide for Athletes to better understand how to help your athletes stand out from the crowd and take control over their recruiting journey.

Make your athletes recruitable

To get started, athletes must opt in to recruiting and allow their Hudl profile to be viewed by registered recruiters. Recruiters can always find an athlete's public pro­file on Hudl, but opting in to this recruiting profile is the fastest, most secure way to let programs know the right information about who you are and what skills you’ll bring to their team.

To check which athletes have opted in to recruiting, hover over Team and select Manage Team, then look at the Recruitable column.

View and edit an athletes recruiting profile

To view an athlete's profile, hover over Team and select Manage Team. From here, select any athlete on your team and click View Profile, then Edit Profile. Only the athlete themselves can opt in to recruiting, edit their email address or password for security and privacy reasons.

The most important fields for athletes to fill out are noted with an R icon. These fields are hidden from the public but are viewable by recruiters once an athlete has opted in to recruiting. The more filled out a profile is, the more comprehensive view recruiters will have of the individual as a student athlete.

Check which games recruiters can view

Verified recruiters can watch specific game videos via the “Games” tab on your team and athlete profile pages. Only games attached to a scheduled event will appear on these profiles. Plus, if your team uses Hudl Assist, recruiters will also see your tags. This makes it easier for them to assess your athletes quickly.

As a coach or athlete, the videos you see on the “Games” tab cannot be watched from here—these are a preview of what recruiters can see. To watch games yourself, go to your team’s Library.

Set your teams recruiting contact

Athlete profiles display your team's recruitment contact. To set this coach contact for your team hover over Team and select Recruiting. Then, click Settings and select the coach who’s information you’d like to appear on your athlete’s profile. Only team admins have the ability to set this contact for their team.

Send athletes to recruiters

Coaches can send a recruiting package to a recruiter that is not on . This package includes an athletes highlights, athletic and contact information and select full game videos.