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Game Recaps FAQ

How do I get a Game Recap every week?

Hudl will automatically create a Game Recap after your team’s game.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the best possible Game Recap for your team.

Your Video

  • Make sure your video is under “Game Footage” in your library. To move a video, check out this tutorial.
  • Your game should be in one single playlist - not split across two or three playlists.
  • Your playlist should have at least 50 clips (a full game).
  • Make sure your highlights are public. Check out this article to change your highlight privacy settings.

If there are several playlists under Game Footage, we’ll use the playlist that’s linked to the Stats page. To link a different playlist to the Stats page, click Select Playlist next to Game Stats Source. Select the correct playlist to pull stats from and click Change Stats Source.

Your Data

The breakdown data we need before we can make your video:

  • ODK
  • Play Type
  • Result

The breakdown data that is not required, but makes your video even better:

  • Passer, Rusher, Receiver
  • Gain / Loss
  • Quarter

The above-and-beyond breakdown data:

  • Intercepted by
  • Tackler 1
  • Tackler 2
  • Recovered by
  • Returner
  • Kicker
  • Return Yards
  • Kick Yards

You can enter breakdown data using Live Tag, manually post-game, or outsource this work to Hudl Assist.

Other Recommendations

For the best possible video every week, we also recommend that you:

  • Link the correct playlist from your game to the Stats page.
  • Add a final score for your game on the Stats page, in your schedule, or when you upload the video.
  • Make sure your players have profile pictures in Hudl.
  • Add your team logo and school colors to your team page.
  • When you upload video, include crowd noise.
  • Position your camera near the announcer!

Who else can see my team’s Recap?

Game Recaps will show up for anyone on your team (athletes and coaches) and anyone who follows your team on Hudl. The Game Recap is also shown on your Team profile. Game Recaps will be sent over to MaxPreps if your team highlights are set to public and your team is linked with MaxPreps.

Even though the video features both you and your opponent, we do not send the same video to your opponent. For the other team, we make a separate video that uses their own video, breakdown data, and best plays.

If you do not want to see the Game Recap in your feed, click on the X in the top right corner of the feed card. NOTE: This is not the same as deleting the video (see below).

How do I delete the Game Recap?

Just like any other team highlight, Coaches have the ability to delete Game Recaps.

  1. Select Highlights.
  2. Find the recap you would like to delete and select the trash can icon

If you don’t want Game Recaps automatically generated, let our Support team know.

The stats in my Recap aren’t correct. How can I fix it?

The stats for each play are pulling directly from your breakdown data.

The Top 3 Offense, Top 3 Defense, and final Game Summary slide pull from your Stats page. Be sure to link the correct playlist to your Stats page or manually edit your Stats page with accurate data.

If you find an error with the data in your Game Recap, simply update your breakdown data and then contact our Support team to have them create a new Recap for you.

What triggers the creation of my Game Recap?

Once you have about 50% of ODK, Play Type, and Result data entered, you are eligible to get a Game Recap.

We’ll wait an hour after you stop entering data before we make your video. So if you keep entering data, we’ll keep waiting to make your Recap. It’s not until we see an hour of no data activity that we’ll make your video. If we make your video too early, just contact us and we’ll update it.