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Name Your Formations

Name the formation diagrams you receive from Hudl Assist and specify the strength. Then name your backfield diagrams (or enter separate names based on the strength).

This data will return in the OFF FORM, OFF STR, and BACKFIELD columns in your library. Name them all to receive more detailed tendency reports.

For more information on formations and backfields, check out this article from a Hudl expert.

  1. Log in to, hover over Team and select Team Settings.

    You can also access these from your library by clicking Manage Formations above your breakdown data, or click Name Diagrams in the email you received from Assist.

  2. Click Formation Names.

  3. Name Formations

    Hover over a formation diagram and click Edit. If you want to start naming backfields, click here for instructions.

  4. Enter your Formation Name. Don't include the offensive strength in your formation name here–it will return inaccurate data.

    Use the filters at the top of the page to quickly find diagrams by Base Formation or Backfield, or filter to all the Unnamed or Named cards.

  5. When it’s an unbalanced formation, choose whether the strength is Left or Right. Track the strength however your team defines it–whether that's based on your tight ends or wide receivers.

  6. Name Your Backfield

    To name a backfield, hover over a backfield diagram and click the Edit.

  7. If your backfield name is dependent on formation strength (e.g. Gun Far, Gun Near), check the box next to Add names based on formation strength.

  8. Give the backfield up to three separate names based on the strength of the formation.

  9. Now analysts will draw each player in the backfield to create backfield diagrams for you to name throughout the season.