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Highlight Privacy

Team administrators are the only individuals who have the ability to change highlight privacy settings. These settings are configured on a team basis.

There are two different privacy settings your team could have on:

  • No public highlight angles. With this setting, none of your highlights will be available to anyone who isn’t a verified recruiter within Hudl or listed on your Hudl team. Please talk with one of your coaches if you think your team’s highlights are private by mistake. They can change the setting by following these instructions.
  • Some highlight angles are private. Team administrators have the ability to make certain angles private (i.e. Wide Angle, Tight Angle, End Zone). A work-around would be to highlight the public angle of that same clip if one is available by following the steps below.
  1. Click Video.

  2. Find the playlist and clip you wish to include and un-click the star.

  3. While you’re watching the angle you wish to include, click the star.

  4. Click Publish when you’re finished editing.

Wide Angle is defaulted to public (unless your coach has chosen to make no highlights public), but a lot of the times the End Zone and Tight Angles are left private. They aren’t automatically made public.