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Convert Sportscode v11 Sorter to Hudl Sportscode

Instances and pictures will be converted to Hudl Sportscode using this process, but drawings will not.

  1. Sportscode v11 packages and the v11 sorters must be in the same location - either in a folder or on the desktop.

  2. Launch Hudl Sportscode. Go to File > Convert from Legacy > Sorter.

  3. Locate and select your Sportscode v11 sorter and click Convert.

    V11 Sorters look like folders on Big Sur. Do move or change any of the files inside it, or add any video packages in the folder. Otherwise, the sorter will not convert.

  4. Choose the name and location where you want to save the new Hudl Sportscode sorter. Click Save.

  5. You'll now be able to use your v11 sorter in Hudl Sportscode.