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Adjust Team Appearance

  1. Navigate to Studio > Preferences...

  2. Select Integrations.

  3. Click Log In.

  4. Type in your Wyscout credentials, then click Log In.

  5. Select your competition type.

  6. Navigate to the Teams panel.

  7. Select the Team List tab.

  8. Type in the name of the team you are searching for.

  9. Click Add for your desired team(s).

  10. To begin annotating with a team's roster, select the team you want. The team is correctly selected if a blue vertical bar appears next to their logo.

  11. Click on the Teams tab to view the roster of the team you selected.

  12. Click on the color icons to choose a different team color if desired.

  13. Now when you click and drag a name from team roster to the video, the default text color will be of the chosen colors.