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Share an Image, Panel or Preset

  1. Follow this tutorial to create a panel.

  2. After creating your panels, select the Assets icon.

  3. Click the Panels tab.

  4. On the panels tab, select Export.

    With include presets checked, these will be included in the export.

  5. Pick a location and name for the export. Then click Save.

  6. Transfer the .apkg file to another computer.

    Any form of transfer will work i.e. AirDrop, external drive, Box, Google Drive, etc.

  7. On the second computer, open Studio.

  8. Navigate to the Assets icon.

  9. Click the Panels tab.

  10. On the panels, select Import.

  11. Select the .apkg file and click Open.

  12. The panel has been added to the second computer and is ready to use.

The above steps will include all images, panels and presets saved in Studio. To view imported images, navigate to the image tab.