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Adjust Keyframes

Sometimes an object's tracking can become misaligned and you may need to adjust keyframes. A common scenario for this is when a player being tracked passes closely by another player, causing the bounding box to be transferred to the other player's pixels.

  1. In this example, we've added a 3D disc to a player, then used the Track Full option to automatically generate equally distanced keyframes for the duration of the instance.

    Keyframes generated in this way are shown as vertical grey bars within the instance.

  2. We can see from this frame that the 3D Disc has become misaligned from the target player (in yellow). To fix:

    1. Click on the keyframe closest to the video playhead. Once selected, the keyframe will turn white.
    2. Press the backspace key to remove the keyframe.
    3. Click and drag the object's bounding box so that it is over the desired player. A white diamond will replace the grey vertical keyframe.
  3. After doing this a couple of times, you maybe able to again select Track Onwards and let the autotrack take over. If the auto track does not adjust, repeat the above steps for all affected keyframes.