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Add a Clip to your Current Project

There are two ways to add clips to a current Studio project. These are dependent on how the Studio project was first created:

  1. Created from a Hudl Sportscode playlist.
  2. Created directly from the Studio app (without opening Hudl Sportscode).

Created from a Hudl Sportscode Playlist

  1. Open a Hudl Sportscode standalone playlist, select the instances you want to send to Studio, and click the Studio button in the playlist menu bar.

  2. Add drawings to the clips. (In the following example there are five clips.)

    To add more clips, click on Save as draft.

    This step will save the Studio telestration inside the currently opened Hudl Sportscode playlist.

  3. The Hudl Sportscode playlist window will appear in front of the Studio panel.

    The clips that are already in Studio will be highlighted - DO NOT CLICK OFF THESE.

    Hold down the Command key and click on the additional clips you wish to send to Studio.

    Click on the Studio button in the playlist menu bar.

    If you select additional instances without holding down the Command key then send to Studio, the previous edits in Studio will be lost.

  4. The additional clips will now be visible at the bottom of the Studio playlist

Created Directly from the Studio App

  1. With Hudl Sportscode closed, open Studio from your applications folder or click on the Studio app icon in your dock.

  2. You now have the option to click Open an existing project or Import a new video.

    In this example we have chosen to import a new video.

  3. Studio will open with the video clip you selected already imported.

    To add an additional video to this project, click on the Plus (+) icon.

  4. Select the additional video(s) that you wish to import. Click Open.

  5. Automatic 3D & Chroma rendering will start (if previously selected in preferences).

  6. You can now add telestration to your imported clips. Once completed, you can choose to save the Studio project or export the playlist.