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Edit Video

Multi-Angle Video in Studio

How to switch between angles and sync drawings from one angle to another within Studio.

Insert an Image

You can add either a 2D or 3D image to Studio.

Create a Panel

Group objects in Studio and save as a template for future use, for example as a video overlay.

Show Sportscode Labels

Show labels from Hudl Sportscode while you are working on your Studio project.

Add a Clip to your Current Project

Add one or more clips to your current Studio project.

Add a Keyframe

Manually add keyframes to an object in your Studio project.

Adjust Keyframes

Adjust keyframes to realign objects in a Studio project.

Save a Snapshot of the Video

Save a snapshot of video from your Studio project.

Share an Image, Panel or Preset

Save images, panels or presets to use in Studio on another computer.