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Edit Drawings

Align Objects

Align one or more drawings to the same time stamp on a video in Studio.

Group Objects

Group and ungroup objects in Studio to make editing more efficient.

Animate Objects

Studio drawings allow you to set input and output animations to bring a more attractive visual to your presentation.

Edit Multiple Objects at Once

Adjust multiple objects at the same time.

Set Object Presets

Identify and save preset settings for use with Studio drawing tools.

Place Objects at Feet Instead of Body

Edit your preferences in Studio to place drawings at the feet instead of the body.

Manually Track an Object with Keyframes

Adjust the keyframes in a video to manually track an object using Studio.

Automatically Track an Object

As you edit drawings in Studio, enable auto tracking to easily follow objects on the video player.

Quick Draw

Drawings are not permanently on the video. Instead, they will disappear as soon as you resume playing.