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Common Workflows

Edit a Drawing Done in Studio

How to send an instance edited in Studio from a Hudl Sportscode playlist back to Studio for further editing.

Adjust Timeline Zoom

Zoom in and out on the Studio timeline.

Enable Automatic 3D Tracking

Enable automatic 3D tracking each time a video is imported into Studio.

Change Default Time for Stills

How to change the default time for screenshots in Studio.

Manage Bounding Boxes

Manage the properties of objects' bounding boxes in a Studio project.

Present with Studio

Present your completed or in-progress Studio project, and continue to make edits.

Save Calibration Settings and Copy to Multiple Clips

Manually adjust the calibration settings in Studio, copy the calibration to other clips, and save for use in future Studio projects.

Coach Mode

Add annotations (drawings) to video during team review without needing to create a Studio project.

Set Clips to Play Automatically

Enable the ability for clips to autoplay while using Studio.