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Studio and Hudl Sportscode Integration FAQs

  1. What Hudl Sportscode license do I need in order to access Studio?
    Studio works seamlessly with Hudl Sportscode for Elite license holders only. To upgrade your license, contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.
  2. Which version of Hudl Sportscode does Studio work with?
    Update to the latest version of Hudl Sportscode 12.4.6 to operate Studio.
  3. How do I keep Studio up-to-date?
    Studio automatically updates. You will see in-app notifications when it is time for the app to update.
  4. How do I send clips from Hudl Sportscode to Studio?
    Great question! See this tutorial.
  5. What happens if I trim a clip in Sportscode and then send it to Studio?
    You'll see that the original length of the clip shown in Studio (for context) but there will be start and/or end markers. This identifies the area where you can add telestrations, so that the clip will sync back to the Sportscode playlist properly.
    If you add a drawing before the start or after the end mark, then change the instance in Hudl Sportscode back to the original length, the telestration will be visible.
  6. I see the Studio icon on instances in my playlist. What does that mean?
    When a clip from Hudl Sportscode is edited in Studio and synced back to Sportscode, a Studio icon will appear on the instance. This indicates the clip has a drawing or telestration of some sort on it. You can edit a drawing previously done in Studio.
  7. Can I replace the original instance in Hudl Sportscode, instead of Studio duplicating the instance?
    No, clips will always be duplicated. This allows you to always have access to the unedited video, just in case. Once the Studio edit has been synced back to Sportscode, feel free to manually delete the original instance from your playlist.