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Install Studio

Install Studio for use alongside Hudl Sportscode.

Send Clips from Sportscode to Studio

Select instances from a Hudl Sportscode playlist and send them to Studio for editing.

Import Video (Independent of Sportscode)

Import a video into Studio directly from your computer files.

Manually Adjust Calibration

Adjust the calibration points on the field in order to provide an accurate image of the playing surface. This will help with tracking and drawings.

Enable Automatic Calibration

When a new video is imported into Studio, set the calibration to automatically configure.

Apply Manual Chroma Key

Draw on the playing surface to manually apply chroma key.

Enable Automatic Chroma Key

Set the chroma key to automatically run when a new video is imported into Studio.


Enable autosave, so that your Studio project will automatically save while you work on it.

Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Hotkeys to streamline and enhance your use of Studio.

Sync from Studio Back to Sportscode

Adds drawings done in Studio back to Hudl Sportscode.

Studio and Hudl Sportscode Integration FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding the interaction between Hudl Sportscode and Studio.

Save Your Preferred Settings in Studio

In this tutorial, we will show you how to save your preferred settings in Studio.