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2D Drawings

Add Text

Add text to your Studio project and customize the appearance of it.

Add a Line (2D)

Add a 2D Line to your Studio project.

Add an Arrow (2D)

Add a 2D arrow to a video clip using Studio.

Draw a Polygon (2D)

Add a customized shape to your video, using Studio.

Add a Circle (2D)

Add a circle to your video clip using Studio.

Add a Rectangle (2D)
Draw Freehand Lines or Shapes

Draw freehand on your video clips using Studio.

Highlight a Player

Highlight a player using a light beam, and set the drawing to follow the player as the video plays.

Add a Disc to a Player (2D)

Identify a player with a disc using Studio.

Add a Set of Connected Discs (2D)

Studio allows you to add connected discs between highlighted players, with a line between each disc.

Mask an Object

Erase or hide an object or player using Studio.

Edit a Player’s Position

Use Studio to change the position of a player in the video.

Add a Trackable Zoom to a Player

Use Studio to zoom in on a player or item in your video.

Use the Timer Tool

Add a game clock, stopwatch or countdown timer to your Studio presentation.

Show a Player's Path

Use the path tool to see where your players have come from, where they are going, and associated metrics.