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Finds the rank of the value in the range making sure it is unique.

FORMAT: UNIQUE RANK ( value IN reference..reference UNIQUE reference..reference order)


  • reference: column number or column title, row number
  • value: a number to search reference..reference for
  • order: LARGEST or SMALLEST depending on what you want the rank to represent. The value is optional and will default to LARGEST


show unique rank( cell"points" in "points",1.."points",9 unique "position",1.."position",$row-1)

Placing this script in all of the cells in "position" column between rows 2 and 9 will produce a ladder position based on points. It works because it does a normal RANK command and then checks the values above it. If it finds there is another team on equal points it will return the next number not used in the unique range. The cell in row 1 of the "position" column would only need the RANK command.

Available for spreadsheet windows version 9 and later.